DR “Fat Beams” MM5-130, 5 String Set

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DR “Fat Beams” Marcus Miller, MM5-130
5 String Medium Gauge Set
0.045″, 0.065″, 0.085″, 0.105″, 0.130″

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Product Description

DR “Fat Beams” Marcus Miller, MM5-130
5 String Medium Gauge Set
0.045″, 0.065″, 0.085″, 0.105″, 0.130″

DR HandMade Strings is proud to announce the arrival of the new Marcus Miller Signature String Series, ‘FAT BEAMS’.

Marcus Miller, considered by almost every bass player on  the planet as the guru and one of the best ever, has been a pioneer in electric bass. From his work with Miles Davis, to serving as producer for “Night Music” and developing  an extensive resume as a producer in L.A. to having been  on over 200 records, Marcus Miller has always been known  for his distinctive sound.  ‘FAT BEAMS’ are the latest development from DR HandMade  Strings, for Marcus’ exacting standards. Marcus notes that ‘FAT BEAMS’ are “fatter, deeper and smoother.”



Additional Information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x .5 in

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