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Modulus Q5W-19TBX, 5A Flame Maple Top, Velvet Pink Over Blue Finish, Alder Body

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Product Description

A beautiful TBX bass. Sorry it is sold already!


  • Modulus Q5W-19TBX
  • 5A Flame Maple Top
  • Velvet Pink Over Blue Finish
  • Alder Body
  • Through Body Neck Design
  • Phenolic Fingerboard
  • 35″ Scale, 24 Frets
  • Gloss Finish Neck
  • Side Dot Inlays
  • EMG Soapbar Pickups
  • EMG BQC Electronics (active treble, mid, bass)
  • Hipshot A Style Bridge (19mm String Spacing)
  • Gotoh GB350 Tuning Keys
  • Black Hardware

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Weight 9.25 lbs




1 review for Modulus TBX5 **Archive**

  1. 5 out of 5


    The other night I was wondering how many instruments I have had go through my hands since 1983.
    I counted 42 to be exact. Most have been sold over the years as I have chased various sounds and styles ….I still have 12.
    Of all those instruments, nothing compares to my Modulus TBX. It is like having a work of art that is functional. The phrase “the sound in your head is in this bass” rings true. The bass sound I have been looking for is now in my hands.
    The build quality by Joe Perman, Calvin (paint) and the team at Modulus is beautiful.
    I have spent a lot of time just looking at this bass, and I can find nothing that detracts from the instrument. I was curious to see the join where the wood wings meet the carbon fiber…but there is nothing to the touch that tells you where they meet. Smooth like glass.
    The way the neck flows to the body reminds me of the curves of a high end luxury sports car….so sleek and sexy.
    The tone is so even, clear and punchy from top to bottom.
    The B string is nothing short of amazing. I have had a few 5 and 6 string basses, as well as worked on countless 5 an 6 string basses (I work in a music shop), and I had lost hope in a tight, punchy and articulate B string….but not any more.
    As with Modulus basses being so articulate, they tend to show all of your playing both good and bad, so a good technique will be rewarded….if not, it will make you a better player.
    Playing something so sweet is a experience not to be missed. After decades of bass playing, I can be satisified I have found my “grail of tone”.
    I was thinking about a regular bolt on Q5, but I thought.”I love the sound of the Modulus Q5, and if I’m going to spend the money, let’s go to the best they have to offer”.
    I wasn’t dissapointed!
    Thanks to Tony from Planet Bass for his valuable help as I was going through the process of choosing the options for the bass, and his communication in the following months during the build process and shipping.

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