Thomastik AB346 Acousticore, 6 String Set

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Thomastik Acousticore AB346
6 String Bronze Wound Nylon Set, Long Scale
0.035″, 0.041″, 0.053″, 0.068″, 0.086″, 0.118″

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Product Description

Thomastik Acousticore AB346
6 String Bronze Wound Nylon Set, Long Scale

0.035″, 0.041″, 0.053″, 0.068″, 0.086″, 0.118″

**Optimized for use on Acoustic Basses with Piezo Bridge**

Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitars are growing more and more popular.  These days, most come equipped with a piezo-type pickup mounted in the bridge.  Since piezo pickups respond to pressure instead  of electromagnetism, they do not require steel-core strings to  function. Yet, most bass strings available today are made with steel cores.  And if you own an acoustic bass, you probably have steel core strings on it right now.  Why??  Maybe you didn’t know that you have a choice…But now you do!!  Let’s face it.  The real reason to own an acoustic bass is to  create a warm, acoustic bass tone.  If it sounds like an upright, all  the better.  But steel-core strings won’t get you there.  In fact, the combination of steel strings and piezo pickups typically sounds brittle, emphasizing the treble too heavily and skimping on the bottom end.

Enter Thomastik-Infeld’s Acousticores.  They’re the first and only bass strings built  exclusively for piezo-equipped bass guitars.  No more ‘fooling’ your bass into sounding acoustic with drastic EQ settings.  These strings sound acoustic because they are!!  Bring  your acoustic bass to life with a set of Acousticore strings from Thomastik-Infeld.





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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x .5 in