Elixir ‘Nanoweb’ 6 String Set

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Elixir® “Nanoweb” 6 String Set w/ 0.032″ High C, and your choice of Low B-G

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Product Description

Elixir® “Nanoweb” 6 String Set

Customize Your Elixir® 6 String Set.  Start with this Medium Gauge 0.032″ High C.  First, choose the Low B you prefer for your  custom shop set from the drop down menu.  Next, choose your favorite 4 string set from the Drop Down Menu.

Your Low B choices include a 0.125″ Super Light gauge, 0.130″ Light Gauge, 0.130″ Medium Gauge Taper Wound, and 0.130″ X-Long Scale Taper Wound

4 String Sets to choose from include:

0.040″, 0.060″, 0.075″, 0.095″ (4 String X-Light #14002)
0.045″, 0.065″, 0.080″, 0.100″ (4 String Light #14052)
0.045″, 0.065″, 0.085″, 0.105″ (4 String Med #14077)
0.045″, 0.065″, 0.085″, 0.105″ (4 String Med, X-Long #14087)
0.050″, 0.070″, 0.085″, 0.105″ (4 String Heavy #14102)

Strings are not just strings. They are the connection between you and your music. When strings go dead, so  goes the inspiration to play. After all, who wants to  play when strings feel crusty and their sound is dull  and muddy? It’s a curse we lived with for years. With a  vision to change the world one set of strings at a time,  we set out to develop the cure for the common string.  Strings that deliver great tone for a really long time.  Strings that stay feeling clean and smooth. Strings that  always inspire you to play. Elixir® Strings are available for all of your instruments. Select from Elixir standard sets, or assemble a custom set  with their new “Custom Shop” offering of singles for 5 & 6  string basses.





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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x .5 in